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The history of the first India Pentecostal Assembly of Seattle in Washington State began in April 1996 at a home in Federal Way. A group of Malayalee believers from the State of Kerala gathered together with a shared desire to worship God in truth and spirit, marking the inception of the first worship service in Malayalam. Initially, Pastor Samuel Chacko provided leadership to this small group.

In May 1996, the church made the decision to employ a part-time pastor and began the search for a suitable candidate. During this time, Pastor C.V. Andrews visited Seattle and recognized the need for pastoral leadership, recommending Pastor Victor George from Florida. In June 1996, Pastor George joined IPAS as a part-time pastor.

To accommodate a growing number of believers, the church relocated to a classroom in Trinity Community Church, Kent, Washington in August 1996. Over time, the congregation continued to expand, guided by the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ. In 2005, the church moved to a community center in SeaTac, Washington, and in 2006, by God's grace, acquired a church building in Seattle, Washington. In 2013, the church purchased a parsonage for the pastor.

Pastor Victor George's tenure concluded in June 2007, and Pastor M.O. Samuel assumed the role of Senior Pastor in July 2007, serving until June 2012. Following Pastor Samuel's term, Pastor P.C. Abraham became the Senior Pastor from July 2012 until March 2019. Pastor Roy Thomas then served from April 2019 until April 2024. Now, Pastor Samkutty Mathew has started his term as Senior Pastor of IPAS from June 2024.

Ministries at IPAS include worship services every Sunday morning, Sunday school for children aged 3 to 18, and Sunday school for adults and youth. The youth ministry encompasses various activities such as Sunday school, youth and Sunday school meetings on the first Saturday of each month, song practices, community service projects, and Vacation Bible School.

Our Pastor

Pr. Samkutty Mathew's testimony is a beautiful testament to his lifelong dedication to serving God and spreading the message of Christ. His upbringing in a Pentecostal family laid the foundation for his spiritual journey, and he has since embraced various ministries with enthusiasm and commitment.

His decision to pursue theological studies and engage in full-time ministry reflects his deep faith and sense of calling. Throughout his 26 years of service, Pr. Mathew has demonstrated unwavering devotion and gratitude for God's grace and guidance. His willingness to travel and minister in different countries underscores his passion for spreading the gospel worldwide.

Pr. Mathew's affiliation with Eternal Life Church of God and The Church of God California-Nevada State exemplifies his commitment to working within Pentecostal communities and collaborating with like-minded organizations. His openness to serving wherever the Lord leads him reflects his humility and trust in God's plan.

The attached photograph of his family further illustrates the importance of faith and family in Pr. Mathew's life, highlighting the support and companionship that sustain him in his ministry.

Overall, Pr. Samkutty Mathew's testimony is a testament to his faith, dedication, and willingness to serve God wherever he is called. His story serves as an inspiration to others seeking to follow God's path in their own lives.



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