Pastor Roy Thomas was born and raised in a pastors family in Kerala, India. His parents (Pr. P.M Thomas & Mrs. Thankamani Thomas) are in full-time ministry who were very keen on training and nurturing their three children in the fear of God. Though Pr. Roy had Christian faith education through Sunday School and enough ministry exposure through youth activities, a genuine surrender to the Lordship of Jesus had occurred only during the college days. Following that spiritual awakening, Pastor Roy dedicated his life for full-time ministry and later enrolled in seminary to get his theological education. While in seminary he was involved in various ministries in different parts of India. He completed his three degrees from three different prestigious seminaries in India and in the Netherlands.

After his M.Div.graduation, he got married to Raji who completed her Masters in Counseling. Raji has dedicated her life to the ministry at a young age. She has been serving the Lord in various capacity in her church, university and in the community according to her God-given abilities. In Aug 2015, Pr. Roy moved to the United States and soon after the move the Lord opened a way for Pr. Roy and family to pastor a church in San Antonio. They have faithfully served the church for three years. In 2017, the Lord blessed their family with a son, Lucas.

        Pr. Roy is passionate about making disciples, mentoring, and shaping a generation to serve the Lord in a diverse culture. It is also the desire of Pr. Roy and his family to continue to serve the Lord and His people in whatever capacity and call God has placed upon them.


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